If you, your employees or customers are looking for a great cup of espresso-style coffee any time of day, take a look at Coffee Schmoffee, powered by the Barista Supremo System serving the Greater Ottawa Area and Gatineau.

The Barista Supremo System consists of a completely automatic top-of-the-line cappuccino/espresso machine as well as all the supplies you need to make great coffee, whenever you want it.
It serves up delicious specialty coffee that’s ground fresh-from-the-bean, whipped and frothed at the push of a button.
Specialty coffee is hot! Whether is’s a cappuccino, espresso, mochaccino or cafe latte, people want choice. With Coffee Schmoffee and The Barista Supremo System you can provide a wide range of espresso-style options. You can also provide regular coffee, hot chocolate as well as different coffee flavours such as French Vanilla.
Enjoy fresh from the bean taste. Unlike other coffee services that use pre-ground coffee, the Barista Supremo machine brews delicious coffee, freshly ground from high quality, fresh beans, everytime.
No more mess. No more clean up. No more stale coffee. No more half finished coffee down the drain. No more waste. With the Barista Supremo System from Coffee Schmoffee, every cup is individually brewed.

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